Workshop on Time-resolved Macromolecular Crystallography 2008
November 20-22, 2008

hosted by BioCARS
held at A
dvanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory

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About the Workshop

Argonne negative 28931D08

This workshop will provide hands-on training in designing and conducting time-resolved experiments and in Laue data processing and analysis. New and returning BioCARS users will also learn about the exciting new capabilities at beamline 14-ID. Applicants are invited to bring their own samples.

The workshop will feature lectures, data collection on samples provided by BioCARS and participants, and data processing of both new and previously collected datasets. Participants will also have opportunities to discuss application of the technique to their own scientific projects with experts in the field.

A workshop registration fee of $75 for students and $125 for others will be charged. Workshop materials, meals, and lodging for three nights will be provided by BioCARS, but travel costs to and from APS will be covered by participants. Students who require it may apply to BioCARS for limited financial assistance.


Technical contact: Vukica Srajer (, 630-252-0455)
Administrative contact: Jane Andrew (, 630-252-0457)



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About the New BioCARS

The BioCARS insertion device beamline 14-ID has recently undergone a complete upgrade of both its X-ray and laser facilities. The beamline now includes

As a result, 100ps time-resolved experiments can now be conducted in both hybrid and 24-bunch APS mode, with crystals 10 times smaller and X-ray exposures 10 times shorter than previously possible at BioCARS, while still obtaining excellent data quality. As we resume time-resolved user operation on the upgraded 14-ID beamline, we welcome new user groups interested in conducting time-resolved experiments.


BioCARS and this workshop are supported by NCRR/NIH grant 5 P41 RR007707 to The University of Chicago, Keith Moffat, PI. Additional support for the workshop is provided by the Center for Advanced Radiation Sources of The University of Chicago, which operates BioCARS.

*Movie: Time evolution of light-dark difference electron density maps during the photocycle of photoactive yellow protein, mutant E46Q. Anderson et al., Structure 12, 1039 (2004); Rajagopal et al., Structure 13, 55 (2005).