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GeoSoilEnviroCARS  is a synchrotron-based research facility at the Advanced Photon Source (right), Argonne, IL, dedicated to state-of-the-art research on earth materials and open to the entire scientific community.  The x-ray techniques being utilized include, but are not limited to: high pressure research with the laser-heated diamond anvil cell, high pressure research with the multi-anvil press, x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy, x-ray fluorescence microprobe, microtomography, microcrystallography, inelastic scattering and powder diffraction.

Apply Beam Time: Please use the APS Proposal System.
Publication Acknowledgement: Please include this acknowledgement in publications describing work done at GSECARS
For Non-US Citizens: Please read this Argonne National Laboratory Site Access Policy for non-US Citizens

For information about different scientific techniques and possible experiments, please contact:
    X-ray Fluorescence Microprobe Steve Sutton
    X-ray Microtomography Mark Rivers
    X-ray Surface Diffraction Peter Eng
    X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Matt Newville
    Microcrystallography Joe Pluth
    High Pressure / Diamond Anvil Cell Guoyin Shen
    High Pressure / Large Volume Press Yanbin Wang

For comments, questions, or more information, send email to, or see the Contact GSECARS page.
Last update : April 01, 2005