IFEFFIT is a large project. If you're interested, there are lots of ways you can contribute.

  1. Download and try out IFEFFIT.

  2. Provide feedback about IFEFFIT, letting us know what's missing from the program and documentation. Please use The IFEFFIT mailing list.

  3. Add and/or update entries to the Frequently Asked Questions.

  4. Work on these web pages.
  5. Write programs using IFEFFIT, or work on those started by others (Athena, Artemis, SixPack).

  6. Work on an improved interface to FEFF 6L.
  7. Work on a replacement for FEFF that is free, or encourage others to do so.
  8. If your research is funded by the US DOE, NSF, or other US agency, complain to your funding agent that you are charged a licensing fee and must agree to not re-distribute or base further scientific work on publicly-funded research (notably, Feff8) in order to use it. This policy is a great danger to the future of science, and is of particular concern to the EXAFS community.
  9. If your research is funded outside the US, complain to your funding agent that science in your country is dependent on work developed in a nation that considers ideas as property, and not only tolerates but encourages the selling of academic work as a commodity. While you're at it, complain about the theoretical EXAFS work done in and funded by the government of the United Kingdom that is also unavailable for scientific development.
  10. Develop, and encourage the development and use of free software for all science, especially codes written by those who consider themselves scientists. Avoid using the work of scientists who do not allow their work to be scrutinized by peer review or built upon by others.

If you're interested in other ways to contribute, please contact Matt or Bruce.

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