Mark Rivers

University of Chicago

EPICS Applications

Name Description
camac Kinetic Systems 2917/3922 driver and various CAMAC device support, including
  • DSP E500A stepper motor controller
areaDetector Area detectors - ADSC, Bruker, Firewire, MAR/Rayonix, Perkin Elmer, Pilatus, Prosilica, Roper, and others
ccd Area detectors - MAR, Bruker, Roper (Note: This module is obsolete, replaced by areaDetector)
dac128V Industry Pack digital to analog converter
dxp DSP-based multi-channel analyzers from XIA
ip330 Industry Pack analog to digital converter
ipUnidig Industry Pack digital I/O module
mca MCA record and Canberra/Bruker/SIS/Struck multi-channel analyzer device support
measComp Support for USB devices from Measurement Computing
modbus Modbus support (includes TCP, serial RTU, serial ASCII)
pilatusROI Enhanced EPICS support for the Pilatus pixel-array detector (Note: This module is obsolete, replaced by areaDetector)
quadEM APS quad electrometer


EPICS records

Description Location
Generic CAMAC record camac
Generic GPIB record Obsolete, replaced by asyn record
Generic Serial record Obsolete, replaced by asyn record
Generic VME record std
MCA record mca
DXP record dxp for 3.14 and camac for 3.13. Note: rcecent versions of the DXP support no longer have a specialized record, they use standard EPICS records with asyn device support.
Enhanced PID (EPID) record for feedback std


Other devices

In addition to the modules listed above, I have written support for a number of devices that are contained in other synApps modules.
Description Location
Alcatel ACS1000 vacuum gauge controller ip
HPS 937 vacuum gauge controller ip
Physical Electronics Digitel 500/1500 and MPC ion pump controllers ip
Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) 505 pulse generator ip
Newport LAE500 laser autocollimator ip
Omega DP41 digital panel meter ip
Pelco CM6700 video switch ip
Newport MM4000/4005 motor controller motor
Newport PM500 motor controller motor
Newport XPS motor controller motor
McClennan PM304 and PM600 motor controller motor
Parker Aries/ACR motor controller motor
ACS MCB-4B motor controller motor
Faulhaber MCDC2805 stepper and servo motor controller and driver motor


Other EPICS support

Description Location
Trajectory scanning with the Newport MM4005 and XPS motor controllers motor
Bruker Smart Detector with EPICS ccd
Multi-threaded tomography reconstruction software using EPICS libCom tomoRecon


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Last modified: November 26, 2011