measComp: EPICS Drivers for Measurement Computing Devices

September 18, 2017

Mark Rivers

University of Chicago


This package provides EPICS drivers for the some of the USB I/O modules from Measurement Computing. Currently the USB-CTR04/08 and USB-4303 counter/timer, and multi-function modules (USB-1208LS, USB-1208FS, USB-1608G, USB-1608GX-2A0, USB-231, USB-2408-2A0, TC-32) are supported. The multi-function modules support analog input/output (not TC-32), temperature input (USB-2408-2A0 and TC-32), digital input/output, pulse counters (not TC-32), and pulse generators (USB-1608G and USB-1608GX-2A0) These drivers are documented separately.

This module is currently only supported on Windows, with the win32-x86, win32-x66-static, windows-x64, windows-x64-static, and cygwin-x86 EPICS architectures. The driver uses the Measurement Computing "Universal Library", which is only available on Windows. Note that there is Linux support for many Measurement Computing devices available, including all of those supported in this module, from Warren J. Jasper at North Carolina State University (NCSU).. However, the API is completely different from the Universal Library, and these drivers only run on Linux, not Windows. They also do not support some of the high-performance streaming features of the Windows drivers. It would certainly be possible to write EPICS drivers for Linux using these low-level drivers from NCSU.

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