measComp: EPICS Drivers for Measurement Computing Devices

November 11, 2015

Mark Rivers

University of Chicago


This package provides EPICS drivers for the some of the USB I/O modules from Measurement Computing. Currently the USB-CTR04/08 and USB-4303 counter/timer, and multi-function modules (USB-1208LS, USB-1608GX-2A0, USB-2408-2A0) are supported. The multi-function modules support analog input/output, temperature input (USB-2408-2A0 only), digital input/output, pulse counters, and pulse generators (USB-1608GX-2A0 only) These drivers are documented separately.

This module is currently only supported on Windows, with the win32-x86, windows-x64, and cygwin-x86 EPICS architectures. The driver uses the Measurement Computing "Universal Library", which is only available on Windows. Measurement Computing does not offer Linux support for the USB-CTR04/08 or USB-4303. They do have a new message based library they call DAQFlex, which runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It currently only supports a few of their newer modules, including the USB-1608G series. The software architecture of this package is quite nice, and the source code for the drivers is provided. Unfortunately it is implemented in the C# programming language. C# is supported on Linux and Mac OSX with the "Mono" compiler package.  My understanding is that it is difficult to call C# from C/C++, which is what the rest of EPICS is written in, and for this reason I have not used DAQFlex in this EPICS module. In principle one could rewrite the C# drivers in C++ and then use this new API with EPICS on Linux, Mac and other platforms that have an underlying USB library.

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